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Island in the Sun – Weezer

2 Años de Punk Rock Song

Merry Christmas – Ramones

When I come around – Crónica de Green Day en Argentina

Save me – Unwritten Law

If you want me to – Swingin’ Utters

Luv luv luv – Pansy Division

Un año y medio de Punk Rock Song

Come Along – The Adicts en Argentina 2010

Strength to Endure – 8 años sin Dee Dee Ramone

Cheating at solitaire – Mike Ness

Pieces – Sum 41

Slug – Ramones

I’m dying tomorrow – Alkaline Trio

Long distance – All

Live for better days – Ignite

Dead of night – Stiff Little Fingers

Christmas (Baby please come home) – Joey Ramone

Not your savior – Joey Cape & Tony Sly

The Highway – Rancid